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Discovering Peru’s Sacred Valley One Bite at a Time

Fueled by coca tea and an explorer’s curiosity, I discovered the beauty of Peru’s Sacred Valley and its cuisine. From the red tiled roofs and ruins of Cusco to the Urubamba River to the view of Machu Picchu from the Sun Gate, I climbed countless stairs, gasped for breath at unforgettable vistas, and guiltlessly savored…
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Alaska: The Tip of the Iceberg

Although Alaska is often left off the travel list because of its challenging climate and remote location, Alaska is certainly where one discovers new exciting surprises around each bend in the trail, channel, or glacier. When presented with the opportunity to move to Southeast Alaska for the summer, I took it. I’m proud to say…
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Women’s Appreciation Edition – Heidi Siefkas

I first learned about Heidi Siefkas on and I loved her stories! Miss Millennia Magazine was getting ready for our second travel edition and we scanned the web looking for women to feature. I looked forward to reading all about her new adventures and was impressed at how many places she’s actually been to!…
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