Desk Job to Dream Job

When I made my decision in 2013 to officially leave an executive level desk job conveniently located just 15 minutes away from my home to become a freelance writer and tour guide, I made some heads turn. Not only was I taking a gamble, but by colleagues I was viewed as taking a big risk financially and professionally.

Let’s face it. Change is not everyone’s friend. Most are deathly afraid of even slight change. And this was major. To top it all off, I was going to be spending more than half of the remainder of the year in Cuba, a place that is considered to be the forbidden fruit of the Caribbean for Americans.

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  1. […] Although it took many years of fighting my allergy with brief revisits to cubicle-land, I have finally kicked my habit of cubicles. For the last year, I have been allergic reaction free. I haven’t stepped foot in a cubicle by changing my profession from office based to a hybrid of writing and traveling, which has many offices, none of which with cubicles. You can read about my synergistic career of writing an inspirational memoir (to be released this fall), travel blogging, and leading tours to Cuba, Peru, New Zealand, and Australia in an article in BootsNAll, Desk Job to Dream Job. […]

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