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Best of Ireland Adventure Travel

After my recent adventure to the Emerald Isle to discover my roots, I wanted to share the best of a week in Ireland from my perspective. As in all of my travels, I like to mix it up a bit with active hiking portions and cultural elements. Adventure and Cultural Travel in Ireland On this…
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Remembering to Look Up in Ireland

Happy Look Up Day! Although starting out as a holiday in 2010 to remind us all to: 1) Be in the moment & 2) Find the upside, Look Up Day has morphed into embracing the Look Up mantra/life tool for every day and anywhere you are. Recently on an adventure to discover my roots in…
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Best of Ireland Adventure 2019

An Adventure Sparked by a Surprising DNA test Earlier this year, my entire family did our DNA tests. Before mailing my tube to the lab, I wrote down what I predicted my genetic makeup to be. All of my life, I was told that I was German and Norweigan with a little bit of French and…
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