How Camping Helps You Find Serenity

Why do people go camping? For many, it is about the serenity it offers. Camping is one of the last remaining links we have to the lives of our ancient ancestors. Previously our homes were mountains, forests, and wildlands, not big concrete cities. When we sleep under the stars, it connects to ancient times on an almost biological level, making us more contemplative, relaxed and peaceful.

This post takes a look at all the ways camping helps you find serenity. Here’s what you need to know:-

Creating Lasting Memories

One of the best parts of camping is how it creates lasting memories. Most of the time, we don’t remember what happened on Tuesday morning on a regular working week, but we do recall every aspect of our camping itineraries. For some reason, they feel so much more significant than our daily lives. 

Reconnecting To Yourself

Going camping also provides opportunities to feel more connected to yourself. Suddenly, you can step away from the ceaseless demands of daily life and connect with a true sense of serenity within, providing you with a sense of calm that you don’t get when you spend all your time in the city. Just “being” can have profound effects on how you feel when you finally get away from obligations and work-related tasks. 

Shared Experiences

Camping is also a route to serenity through shared experiences with other people. The opportunity to socialize without distractions is invaluable and can make a tremendous difference in how you feel about yourself and others. Campfire chats are an excellent way to learn more about your character, what motivates you, and where you’re heading in your life. 

Gazing At The Star

Camping also fosters serenity by giving you a possibly rare opportunity to stargaze. City light pollution can make it hard, if not impossible, to watch the stars where many people live. Hence, getting out into nature almost provides a window into the universe, letting us see everything that’s out there and marvel at its beauty. Many people find space a relaxing force because it reminds them of their insignificance in relation to the entire cosmos which is vast beyond measure. 

Simple Decision-Making

Going camping also generates serenity because it simplifies decision-making. You don’t need to decide between two complex sets of alternatives, as you do in regular working life. Instead, you simply do what you need to do to remain comfortable and dry. 

When you think about it, camping requires little more than putting up a pop up camping tent and preparing three meals a day. It doesn’t need to be any more extravagant than that. Many people who go camping spend their time chatting around the campfire and generally enjoying each other’s company. If they want to go for a hike, they do. If not, they don’t. 

More Sensory Acuity

Camping may also drive a sense of calmness and equanimity by sharpening the senses. The activity forces you to focus more on the outer world instead of the thoughts and dialogue occurring in your mind. 

You also become more attuned to some of your more repressed senses. For instance, getting into nature introduces you to smells that you simply can’t experience in the big city. These experiences strengthen your connection to the world around you, changing how you feel tremendously. 

Breathing Fresh Air

Another benefit of camping that contributes to serenity is the ability to breathe more clean air. Camping locations are often many miles into nature and a long way from the big cities. Trees soak up much of the remaining pollution, allowing you to breathe easily, for the first time.

Creative Inspiration

For some people, going camping also provides them with creative inspiration. The new experience forces them to think in new ways, giving them fresh ideas. 

Therefore, anyone who wants to be an artist should go camping occasionally. The experience can enable them to generate new perspectives that wouldn’t have occurred to them otherwise.

Connection To The Earth’s Energy

Whether you believe in “energy” or not, camping brings you into direct contact with the Earth. It gives you a sense of the seasons and the character of the natural world which is lost in clinically clean, heavily-insulated homes. The multisensory experience provokes a sense of serenity, helping you feel more grounded and rejuvenated. 

Mindful Presence

Lastly, camping can help you find serenity by providing you with a sense of mindful presence. Being in nature encourages being fully present in the moment and appreciating the beauty around you. 

**Post contributed by Aaron Medina, a peer outdoor adventure lover and writer**


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