Don’t Let Lost Luggage Ruin Your Vacation


There are a lot of things that make a vacation go sour. Running out of money. Having your hotel cancel your reservation. Being stuck with a flight delay. Losing your luggage is definitely at the top of the list. But it doesn’t have to ruin your entire vacation. Here are a few ways to save what you can from your trip and maybe even get something back.

Label your luggage

If you have already lost your luggage, then this tip might not help. However, if you’re simply preparing for the possibility, then one of the best ways is to make it easier to find you if your lost luggage later turns up. You should have a label outside of your bags, such as a tag with your details on it, but you should have one of these inside the bag, as well, in the event that the exterior one gets torn off.

Stay in touch with the airline

First of all, don’t let it go. While you don’t want the thought of your lost luggage to dominate the entire trip, it’s important to keep the airline accountable and to see if they can find it. Sometimes, luggage will turn up one way or another. Make sure that you know the model, make, and color of your suitcase so that they can keep an eye out for it. There’s no guarantee it will ever show up, but it has happened before.

Get a refund

In most cases, airlines have a period of 21 days to find your luggage and return it to you. If they do not, then you should be entitled to a refund. However, you should make sure that you check the policies of the airline before you go in asking for your money back. There may be some circumstances that change how long you might have to wait, for instance.

Get yourself covered

Not every travel insurance package covers this, but there are plenty that will help you cover any costs that you might suffer because of lost luggage. Check with providers like Generali as to whether or not you can get coverage for the contents of your suitcase, as well as any expenses you have to take on because of lost luggage. Finding the right insurance package is usually the appropriate course of action to mitigate any kind of loss during your trip.

Ask for compensation

Of course, even if you do have insurance, it doesn’t mean that you should turn to them first. You’re likely to have to buy a range of things, from clothing to toiletries, to make up for your lost luggage. Keep and organize your receipts so that you’re able to provide them to your travel provider. They should be able to compensate for these.

Losing your luggage is never going to be a pleasant experience, and it’s not wrong to feel angry or sad about losing some of your possessions. However, you can recoup your vacation from it with the tips above.

*Post contributed by Brian Matthew, a peer adventurer who travels light.*

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