Oregon Orchards, Wine, and Waterfalls – Mother-Daughter Adventure



Pressing rewind to a time when most, like my mother and I, would plan travels and schedule time off, which would mean our wanderlust dreams would come true. Late 2019, we booked a mother-daughter adventure to Croatia with a tour group for more than 10 days in mid-summer 2020. However, world events had other plans.

At first, I thought Covid would blow over by the end of the summer of 2020. So, we postponed our Plan A to Croatia in hopes of a Plan B at another time in 2020 or even 2021. Pressing fast forward to 2022, we grew weary of the delays and lingering international travel stress. So, we put on our thinking caps and pivoted to a Plan C. Where could we escape domestically in early fall of 2022 that would be new for us both and easy to get to given that our homes were 5,000 miles apart?

Read about our meeting in the middle, Columbia River Gorge, featured in Perceptive Travel.


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