3 Different Ways to Travel in Europe

Europe has a lot of great places to visit, and it’s easy to see why people want to get there. Whether you’re looking for culture or history, Europe has something for everyone! If you plan to travel to Europe by car, plane, train, or boat, this post is perfect. We’ll talk about three different ways to travel in Europe so that you can find the best way for your trip and budget.

1) Train Travel in Europe

Traveling by train is an easy, comfortable and affordable way to see some of the best places in Europe. Most countries have a national railway system that provides excellent service and high-speed trains for long distances between major cities. A Eurail pass lets you travel on these railways around most of Western Europe at your leisure without worrying about buying tickets each time you get on or off the train. However, be aware that many European rail systems are divided into first-class (Comfort) and second class (Regular). Some companies even offer special discounts if you book early! Therefore, it’s probably easier to buy point-to-point tickets as needed instead of paying more upfront for a pass unless you know how much traveling throughout certain areas will cost. This will stop you from wasting money on a pass that doesn’t suit your needs and budget, after all!

2) Boat Travel in Europe

If you want to see the waterways of Europe, traveling by boat is an excellent idea. Whether it’s a luxury cruise or budget ferry ride, there are many boats that travel around most coastal areas and between main cities throughout France, Italy, and Spain on rivers like the Seine, Rhone, Thames, and Danube. If your timing for visiting certain places works outright, then taking a waterway can save time as well if buses aren’t running during the winter months! Many of these cruises are very affordable, especially when booked early online with discounts available. However, be aware of extra fees added to your ticket price, such as port taxes or booking fees, which may make some routes more expensive than others. It’s always worth checking ahead before making your decision.

3) Car Travel in Europe 

Driving around Europe is an excellent way to get off the beaten path and see hidden gems that are difficult to access by public transportation or other means. If you want freedom, flexibility, and comfort, renting a car at edmunds may be best for your trip. Be aware of traffic laws in different countries, especially if they’re stricter than where you live! Driving on opposite sides of streets can be confusing, but most Europeans drive fairly well with some patience required while getting used to it all at first. Even though gas prices vary throughout each country, driving will save money compared to expensive train fares when traveling long distances between main cities like London, Paris, Rome, or Madrid. Depending on where you visit, you’ll also need an international driver’s license or International Driving Permit, so make sure to apply for one or the other (if needed) well before your trip.

In conclusion,  the best way to travel in Europe depends on your budget, how long you’re staying and what kind of sightseeing you’d like to do.

*Post contributed by Byran Townsend, a peer travel writer with a passion for craft brews and bbq.*


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