Inspirational Ideas To Make Your Next Vacation More Romantic



You’re probably reading this because despite everything going on in the world right now, you’d like to get away from it all and take your significant other with you.

A romantic vacation is likely what you both need right now, as it means you get to spend lots of quality time together and take in the sights, sounds, and tastes of foreign lands.

The trouble is, you’ve never really created a romantic-themed vacation before. How can you make that happen, you ask yourself? The following inspirational tips and tricks will tell you what you need to know:

Flying Isn’t Your Only Option

There’s no denying that flying is a convenient way to traverse great distances. But, you may not realize that flying isn’t your only option when it comes to traveling from one country to another.

For example, if you’re planning to travel across an ocean, a more romantic way to make your journey is on a cruise ship. The advantage of traveling on cruise ships is you don’t have to sit down in a cramped space for long periods.

Cruise vacations are undoubtedly one of the most romantic vacation ideas you can consider for your next holiday.

Moreover, the Internet makes it easy to book your future cruise vacation adventure; you could even book a cruise on Expedia just as you would any other vacation.

Another advantage of cruise holidays is they’re perfect for people that don’t particularly enjoy flying to their destinations.

Participate In Romantic Activities

Irrespective of where you travel, you will likely find some romantic activities at your travel destinations. For example, a salsa dancing lesson or even white water rafting in a tandem kayak are just two of virtually hundreds of romantic activity ideas.

Of course, the activities you do together will depend on what you both agree are fun things to do.

Sometimes, even just the simple act of walking together in a woodland area might be a romantic gesture and means you will both spend quality time together doing something enjoyable.

Look At Romantic Holiday Destinations

Some people might say that any travel destination can be romantic. However, it’s no secret that some places are more romantic than others. With that in mind, what constitutes a romantic travel destination?

Countries that have luscious golden sandy beaches with clear blue seas stretching beyond the eye can see are prime examples of romantic travel destinations.

Another is a destination traditionally associated with romance, such as the European cities of Paris and Venice. You won’t have any problems finding excellent examples of romantic travel destinations.

Surprise Your Partner

One of the best ways of keeping the flame of romance well and truly lit is by keeping some of your travel plans to yourself. Yes, you will both agree to vacation at a specific destination, and your partner will have a fair idea of the types of activities they can enjoy on their holiday.

But, you could keep some of your itinerary ideas a secret and give your significant other a lovely romantic surprise. For example, one night, you could arrange for a candlelit meal on a private section of beach.

You could even leave a trail of rose petals for your partner to follow, where they will eventually end up meeting you at your private area on the beach.

Splash The Cash

Let’s face it: your romantic getaway isn’t likely to be a regular thing for various reasons. With that in mind, it makes sense to make your vacation together as memorable as possible, and one way to achieve that goal is by splashing the cash.

For instance, you could book the best room in a hotel or spend money on a luxury log cabin in a secluded and idyllic location. You could do other things like paying for VIP services, upgrades, and other enhancements. Essentially, anything that makes an experience more exclusive is what you should aim for.

Stop Using Your Phone

Last but not least, when you’re on a romantic vacation with your significant other, you should be devoting your attention to them – not what’s happening on your Facebook feed.

The trouble with technology is that many people feel compelled to check their social media accounts and emails constantly. When you’re on vacation, keep your mobile phone use to a minimum.

Your partner will appreciate that you’re not using your phone unless necessary, and it will enhance your romantic experiences. Make sure you set an “out of office” autoreply on your email accounts and turn off notifications for your social media apps.

*Post contributed by wanderluster and hopeless romantic, Ross Matson.*


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