Look Up from Lanai – A Mini-Escape to Reinforce Being in the Moment



Earlier this month, I took a mini-escape from my routine: freelance writer, part-time caregiver, and full-time CVO (Chief Van Officer) of our van-pire (Aloha, Shaka, and Hula vans). I found a twelve-hour timeslot that no projects were due, no vans were coming back nor going out, and my dad was set up for success. With only half a day, I couldn’t go far, but I needed a Look Up reminder. Yes, sometimes even the creator of Look Up forgets to be in the moment and find the upside. So, I seized the twelve hours of freedom and took a mini-adventure to Lanai.

Maui to Lanai


For those that don’t know, Lanai is a Hawaiian Island that is nine miles south of Lahaina, Maui. At one time, it was primarily a pineapple plantation owned by the Dole family. However, since it has been purchased Larry Ellison of Oracle. Now, Lanai is most famous for his two Four Seasons Resorts.

Although it would have been nice to be invited on a press trip to the Four Seasons, I chose a more independent way to visit and tour the island. It just so happened that a friend that I met on cruises to Cuba was staying on the island with her family. She invited me over for a day trip. I researched the ferry schedule and booked my roundtrip tickets (roughly $60).

Multiple Look Up Reminders Along the Way

From taking a public bus to Lahaina’s Harbor to boarding the ferry boat, I experienced multiple Look Up reminders. Since I wasn’t driving, I could appreciate the beautiful ride and put my eye on the prize of Lanai just off the coast. Even though it was just a short distance island-hop, I had excitement and jitters as if I was heading halfway across the globe to a new place.


Once on Lanai, the Look Up reminders continued in the form of wildlife. Who would have thought that Lanai would need wildlife crossing signs? Not only does Lanai have an Axis deer population between twenty-five and thirty thousand, we came across wild turkeys everywhere from crossing the highway to Dole Park in Lanai City and even at the Four Seasons. (Psst…Lanai City is more like Lanai-ville.)


It wouldn’t be fitting to not mention the marine life Look Up reminders from my Lanai visit. The first was snorkeling in Hulopoe Bay. Hearing my own breath in and out of the snorkel while swimming above beautiful coral and tropical fish put me into another world. Sometimes dolphins are in the bay, but they were shy. However, my second marine life surprise was on the return ferry ride, a pod of dolphins swimming into the sunset. How’s that for aloha!

Take More Mini-Adventure for More Look Up Moments


Although I returned from my multi-leg, mini-adventure pretty tired, it was a good reminder. We all need to take more mini-adventures and pauses to reap the benefits of these Look Up moments. Whether you choose a coffee break, a neighborhood walk, or a quick drive to a scenic lookout to clear your head, getting out of your office, home,  or whatever is your routine is a needed mental health break.

Take the time to be in the moment more often to find the upside of whatever challenges you or your circles may be facing.

Here’s to looking up and taking more mini-adventures!

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