4 Ways to Beat the Rental Car Shortage on Maui 2021


There's no doubt that you've heard of the rental car shortage around the country. However, on Maui, Hawaii this year has been a real challenge. With the numbers of tourists almost the same as pre-pandemic, but without the return to normal rental car numbers, you have to get creative.

As I live on Maui, I wanted to share with you some alternatives to paying out the nose to rental car companies during this crazy travel time.

Ways to Beat the Rental Car Shortage on Maui

Find Private Owners on Maui: Airbnb & Turo


There are many ways to find private vehicles from mini-vans, camper vans, and trucks online. Countless travelers have been successful with camper vans on Airbnb. Make sure to check the unique stay box in your expanded search. Do your due diligence and look at the reviews of the stay's host to see what others have said to make your best decision. You can also find all sorts of vehicles on Turo.

Use Rideshare Apps: Über, Lift, & Holoholo to Go Out Eat, Get to Your Condo, and More


Another way to eliminate the car rental issue is taking rideshare to and from the airport as well as restaurant reservations. Most people have taken an Über or Lift over the last few years, but  Holoholo is a new one for most. Holoholo is a locally owned rideshare company. Support local while visiting Maui or any of the Hawaiian Islands with Holoholo. Even if you are a big group, say 7+, you can use SpeediShuttle.

Take the Maui Bus System

If you are looking to travel between Wailuku and Lahaina, Kaanapali, or Kihei the Maui Bus is an option. Each ride is $2 or a full day $4. Plus, for longer stays and frequent usage, you may want to invest in a monthly pass. There are twelve routes.  Leave the driving to the professionals, set back, and relax with gorgeous views and AC.

Scooter or Polaris Slingshot Rental


For those that what more independence for a day trip around the Westside or cruising from Kihei to Lahaina, a day or half-day rental of a fun mode of transportation might be just the ticket. If you are going solo, go with a scooter. If you are a couple or a group, a Polaris Slingshot is a fun option. There are multiple vendors that rent the Slingshots and scooter. Find the price point that suits your pocketbook.

What Other Travel Tips for Maui, Hawaii Do You Need in 2021?

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If you are looking for current travel advice:

  1. Book restaurant reservations in advance or opt for food trucks.
  2. Skip the Road to Hana for another trip; traffic is terrible!
  3. Sunrise and sunset are just as good from Kihei, Lahaina, & Kaanapali as Haleakalā without the drive nor cold winds.

If you have questions about what to do in Maui, where to eat, or other, please leave a comment below.

As always, here's to looking up!

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