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When was the last time you were really in the moment? For a lot of us, including myself, we’re juggling a lot of tasks and roles. What’s worse? There are a lot of us, yes me included too, that are worrying about things that aren’t until next month, year, or later. That’s why I continue to share the power of the Look Up Mantra.

Look Up Mantra 101


I created the Look Up Mantra to remind the world to 1) Be in the moment & 2) Find the upside in any situation. Even though it seems easy to do, a lot of us get caught up in the multi-tasking Olympics. You know you’ve done it. It goes something like this: using multiple apps while cooking dinner, folding clothes, and listening to your spouse’s day.

Need a Break from Your Multi-tasking Olympics?

Look Up Mantra Shirts


Because we all need a break from multi-tasking Olympics, I craft these monthly reminders. Hopefully, they smack some sense into us all. However, sometimes we need reminders more often. In order to keep this life tool top of mind more frequently, I launched Look Up Mantra reminder t-shirts & tanks.

So far I’ve shipped Look Up Mantra shirts and tanks to Florida, Arizona, Hawaii, Minnesota, Greece, Wisconsin. Do you have yours? Do you need a gift for someone special? Find all colors, sizes, and designs here.

Mother Nature’s Masterpieces Force Us to Look Up


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There’s no doubt why the Look Up Mantra shirt designs are located in the great outdoors. Mother Nature has a way of forcing us to Look Up, be in the moment, and pause. That’s why when I need to press pause on the running to-do list and cellphone reminders with dings, pings, and buzzes,  I head for an adventure: biking, kayaking, snorkeling at the beach, hiking, and more.

As an Honorary Doctorate from the School of Hard Knocks (read my first book, When All Balls Drop for the back story), I prescribe to everyone, including myself, more Look Up breaks with a good dose of adventure. There are Look Up Mantra reminders all around us.

As always, here’s to looking up!



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