4 Ways To Have A More Adventurous Vacation

Going on vacation is an excellent way to see the world and escape your normal routine for a while. If you’re someone who lives for the thrill then it would be beneficial to learn ways for how you can have a more adventurous vacation.

Remember that you may need to let your guard down a bit and be okay with not being as organized as usual to achieve this goal. Stepping outside your comfort zone may be uncomfortable initially but doing so can also be a very rewarding experience in the end.

1. Choose the Right Destination

If you’re seeking more excitement and adventure on your next vacation then you likely will want to shy away from booking accommodations at an all-inclusive resort where you lay on the beach all day. Instead, research which destinations offer the most things to do and areas that will keep you active and entertained. Make a bucket list of ideas and then begin to narrow down your choices based on what the location has to offer and your budget. Decide who you want to travel with as well to make it a more exciting experience. You may find going solo to be the best option in the end.

2. Plan Exciting Activities

You’ll also want to have a long list of possible activities you can do that will make you feel alive and challenge you. For instance, if you enjoy off-roading then you may want to look into the Utah Trail Gpx Files and get a better idea of which packages or experiences you’re most interested in trying. Think about what options will be both fun and thrilling and give you a rush. Fill each day with one new activity and you’re sure to have a more adventurous and rewarding vacation.

3. Wing it A Bit

If you want adventure then you have to be proactive in creating it. If your days are all planned out and you have a strict itinerary to follow then your trip may feel less exciting and fun. Instead, make it a more adventurous vacation by winging it a bit and having an idea of how you might want to spend your time but also see how you’re feeling before deciding. Your vacation will feel more spontaneous when you’re willing to go more with the flow and head out exploring without a solid plan in place.

4. Try New Foods

Another way to have a more adventurous vacation is to commit to trying new foods at your destination. Be willing to eat foods that others recommend and are part of the local culture. Mix it up so you’re not always eating your hotel food but going out and diving into what the area has to offer. For instance, one day maybe you try a fancy restaurant, eat at a café for lunch another day, and attend a street festival and eat those foods on the weekend. Keep it fresh and exciting by venturing out and being willing to try foods that you may not necessarily like or might be different for you.

*Post contributed with food and travel writer, Pam Smith*


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