5 Reasons To Add Scottsdale To Your Travel List

Some parts of America and often pushed aside for the bigger and better cities. Most people think of NYC or Las Vegas when they think of America and forget about all of the diversity and fun that other cities can offer. Scottsdale is a city on the Eastern edge of Arizona, known for embracing diverse cultures. It is often a place known for impressing luxury travelers, yet there is something for everyone. If you are on a budget, there are plenty of food, games, and beautiful scenery to immerse yourself in. Here are five reasons to add Scottsdale to your travel list.


A diverse food and drink scene

Scottsdale’s food and wine scene is booming, with lots of great independent restaurants and even a wine trail to explore. Whether you are looking for a Mexican Restaurant Scottsdale or an impressive wine tour, it has it all. You might not know this, but grapes can be grown in Arizona! If you’re interested in trying some unique Arizona wines, make sure to stop in at least one of these wineries.

There’s more outdoors than just golf

There are several things you can do in Scottsdale to enjoy the great outdoors that don’t take you anywhere near a golf course. There are beautiful hikes such as the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, most of the trails are less than 5 miles long, making for the perfect morning hike spot. Or, if you like kayaking, you can stroll down the Lower Salt River one sunny afternoon.

Lots of art and culture

Scottsdale offers all tourists a slice of art and culture. Whether you’re into art galleries or fun museums, there is something to please everyone’s creative tastebuds. The best part? There’s nothing pretentious about the art in Scottsdale. You can walk into any gallery in Old Town Scottsdale in shorts and flip-flops without feeling like you don’t belong.

Great weather all year round

Yes, Arizona gets very hot in the summer. It can get up to 108 degrees F in early June, and this was considered relatively mild for Scottsdale at that time of year. But the refrain of “It’s a dry heat” really is true – 108 degrees with basically no humidity is actually pretty bearable. Because of this, Scottsdale is somewhere you can visit year-round. It never gets super cold, and even when it gets toasty during the summer months, Arizonans know how to use their air conditioning, pools, and misters on outdoor patios.

Caters to all people, even millennials

Scottsdale is already primed for millennial travelers thanks to its food scene, good nightlife, and quirky characteristics like the golf cart taxis that operate in Old Town Scottsdale. But there are other touches that are bound to draw this crowd, too. There are cheap hotels, transport links, and activities that can align with anyone’s budget.

*Post contributed to peer travel writer and road warrior, Erin Dale.*


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