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2020 was the year that my backpack for the first time in a long time accumulated dust. After nearly a year of postponed trips and cancellations, I bet I’m not alone. It is time for us all to clean off our packs and start planning future adventures. For a little inspiration, I’ve picked Da Nang, Vietnam to feature. As I have always embraced the more outdoorsy and adventurous side of travel, I wanted to showcase why Da Nang is worth visiting. However, be warned: when traveling to Vietnam, go hungry. The food is amazingly delectable and very affordable.

Adventures Not to Miss in Da Nang, Vietnam

See the Dragon Bridge Breathe Fire

Although you can visit the Dragon Bridge (aka Rong Bridge), a 500+ meter bridge made of steel in the shape of a golden dragon, I would suggest you return on the weekend for a treat. On Saturdays and Sundays at 9 pm, the Golden Dragon comes alive. It actually breathes fire. How cool!

Hike the Marble Mountains

The Marble Mountains are located twenty miles South of Da Nang, but they are well worth a hike. There are five mountains, each named after an element: water, metal, wood, earth, and fire. The most popular to climb is Thuy Son (water) with its 150 stairs. It’s worth arriving early to reap the amazing views without as many people.

Spend a Day at Sun World Resort in Ba Na Hills

The Sun World Resort in Ba Na Hills is probably most known for its Golden Bridge. This bridge was completed in 2018. What makes it unique is that two marble hands appear to be holding up this amazing architectural masterpiece. A cable car can take up to the Sun World Resort, which stands at 4,800 above sea level. However, it is worth the ride for the views, the Golden Bridge, and restaurants serving up global fusion dishes.

Enjoy the Beach

Head over to My Khe Beach for a white sand beach, plus all the water activities that you crave. If you like jet skiing, parasailing, and swimming, this gorgeous stretch of sand only three miles from the city center of Da Nang is for you. Now, if you are worn out from all of the other adventures in Da Nang, there’s nothing wrong with pulling up a lounge chair and sipping on a nice cold cocktail or beer. Cheers!

2020 will go down in the history books as the year everything was home-based. For us wanderlusters, it was hard. We binge-watched our favorite travel-inspired movies. We read our travel guide books. Regretfully, we postponed our travels for another year. We even cooked recipes from previous adventures to relive a time where travel was ok. As a vaccine rolls out and we ring in a New Year, it’s time to get planning for your adventures of 2021 and 2022. Make sure to add Da Nang and these four adventurous sites to your bucket list. 

**Post contributed by Heidi Trick, peer adventure travel lover and writer.**


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