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How can you travel without leaving your home?

How can you relive previous adventures without packing a bag?

I believe that your sense of taste is a way of exploring the world without needing a passport. Here are some yummy examples from Spain with its tortilla española and Cuba’s mojito.

Travel to South America with Me!


Whether you have traveled or wish to travel to South America, one of the signature cocktails of both Peru and Chile is the pisco sour. Pisco is a high-proof by-product of the winemaking industry. Technically, it is a brandy, but lighter in color.

To make a pisco sour you will need pisco, ice, lime juice, sugar, and eggs. It is a delight, tasting tangy from lime juice, sweet from the sugar, and frothy from the eggs. However, it can sneak up on you. Better eat along with your libation.

Pisco Sour Lessons


I first learned of this cocktail through my Peruvian girlfriends. The four of us, with advice from various family members, would take part in preparing pisco sours with lime juice, eggs, sugar, ice, and plenty of pisco. However, my most memorable pisco sour was in Patagonia, Chile (featured image). Several years ago, I went on a life-changing, sola walkabout, which I have written about in my second book, With New Eyes.

Pisco Sour Recipe


4 cups of ice*

2 cups of pisco

2 cups of lime juice

2 egg whites

Combine all the ingredients in a blender or shaker. Add sugar to taste, spoon by spoon. Serve in a wine glass or short rocks glass. 

*When near a glacier, best served with glacier ice.**

As always, it’s appropriate to toast in the language of the drink’s origin. So, salud – to your health!

Wishing you safe travels through this worldly cocktail recipe!

Here’s to looking up!


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