Finding the Upside during Quarantine



After two months of staying at home, losing work, canceling travel, and missing birthdays, graduations, and more, we are all getting a bit frustrated and even depressed. Plus, the news is all doom and gloom with an uncertain timeline as to when the new normal will arrive. However, the only power we have over this pandemic is to social distance, wash our hands, wear a mask, and Look Up.

What is the Look Up Mantra?


I started the Look Up Mantra over ten years ago to help others flip the switch on seemingly negative situations. By implementing the Look Up mantra, it reminds us all to 1) Be in the moment appreciating the beauty around you as well as hazards and 2) Find the upside as each hurdle, obstacle, and/or wound turns into wisdom. So, let’s flip the switch on this quarantine!

What are the Positive Outcomes of this Forced Pause?


Although sometimes difficult while homeschooling, teleworking, or applying for unemployment, I asked others to share with me some of the positive outcomes or Look Up moments during this forced pause.

  • More outside time
  • Spring cleaning done
  • Baking grandma’s recipes
  • Oceans and air cleaner
  • Traffic lighter
  • Reading and writing more
  • Stimulus check
  • Netflix binge
  • Creative projects (ex. screenplays, street art like Panda Park, and more)
  • Meeting neighbors
  • Working together
  • Online school
  • Got a tan
  • Family time
  • Eating better and cooking more
  • Building a camper van
  • Exercise both at home and outdoors
  • Home repairs
  • Bachelor’s degree in Zoom, Facetime, and Houseparty app

Your Turn


So what’s one or several of your positive Look Up moments during the quarantine?

Please comment below.

 As always, here’s to looking up from wherever you are in the world!

Happy Look Up Day!


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