Land of the Rising Sun – Kyoto, Japan



Exploring Japan’s cultural and artistic capital of Kyoto is more like walking through an outdoor museum than a bustling city of one and a half million residents. With temples, shrines, castles, and gardens located throughout the city, Kyoto has a calming, Zen-like essence. Perhaps this is why emperors chose Kyoto as their ancient residence.

The Art of Transportation

Getting around Kyoto is stress-free too. By purchasing an IC card, a prepaid transportation pass, you can take advantage of the efficient train and bus system. Most routes go through Kyoto Station, which is a modern work of art. The station is made of glass with a rooftop terrace and features a panoramic view of the city center, including the Kyoto Tower.

The Culture of Rituals

The importance of ritual is steeped into every aspect of the Japanese culture. From greeting with a bow and removing your shoes upon entering a home to tying a yukata (Japanese house robe) and drinking matcha (green tea) at a tea ceremony, you will find rituals at every turn.

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