5 Reasons Why You Should Drive Around Croatia

Croatia is a country with picturesque landscapes, vibrant cities, towering mountains, and a crystalline coastline. It’s a hidden gem, with incredible diversity and so much to see and do. The unique geography of the country means that you can go from shopping in a bustling city to swimming in an emerald lake in no time at all, and driving can make this so much easier. There has also never been a better time to drive in Europe: with a 20% reduction in fatal road accidents since 2013, driving is safer than it’s ever been before. If you are considering hiring a car for a road trip with a difference, check out our top five reasons why we think this is a great idea.


Driving has to be one of the best ways to explore any country due to the sheer freedom that it allows. Croatia has several old fortresses, monuments, and stunning landmarks – and driving around the country means that you won’t miss a thing. Immerse yourself in Croatian culture in the capital Zagreb, explore the bucolic wine trail, or reach the summit of the Sveti Jure Mountain. Fans of the world-renowned Game of Thrones are sure to appreciate the opportunity to visit Dubrovnik, the beautiful filming location for Kings Landing. Perhaps you would prefer to swim in clear lakes and waterfalls at the breathtakingly beautiful UNESCO protected Plitvice lakes or enjoy coffee like never before in the country’s capital.


One of the best reasons to drive in Croatia has to be due to flexibility. You can plan your perfect trip all you like, but plans can have a tendency to go wrong . Driving around Croatia means that you can be flexible with your itinerary, staying for longer in areas or heading to a new place on the advice of a fellow traveler. See how you feel at the time, and have a sunkissed adventure that is totally unique to you.


Croatia is a relatively cheap place to visit, and affordable hotels and apartments are ubiquitous. When you’re traveling by car, you are not limited to public transport and easily accessible accommodation can be found along the route. Alternatively, there are many campsites around the country to enjoy some outdoor living on your trip. Driving means that you will have increased choice; whether that is accommodation, activities, or just which delightful restaurant along the route would be best for dinner.


Croatia is a hot country, and the sunny climate remains hot until late in the year – but you are sure to stay comfortable when you have your very own air-conditioned vehicle. You can travel in style, taking in the stunning scenery and discovering the multiple quaint towns and villages on the way.


There are so many excellent reasons to drive in Croatia, but it should also be noted that it is fairly simple to do. You can rent a car at the airport or drive directly into the country, and road regulations are similar to the rest of Europe. Plus, even though it has become increasingly popular to drive around Croatia, the traffic as a whole is not an issue. Although there can be queues on the coastal road during the peak summer months, the low population means that the freeways are often rather empty. It is important to remember that some of the roads in Croatia do have a toll; they are affordable but make sure that you carry some loose Kuna for this purpose. It is also advised that you check out the parking options that are available. Whilst car parks are inexpensive, they are not always located in the best places.


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