How to Take Your First Tramping Adventure


Tent_atop_mountain_landscapeEveryone has a different traveling style. Some like luxury. Other prefer the backpacking lifestyle. Some plan ahead. Others wing it. Well, I have done a little of it all. In fact, over the last few decades I have done a bit of it ALL. I’ve flown in private jets, hitchhiked, glamped in a van, cruised (not all of the seven seas, but close), and dined at some of the la créme de la créme in Barcelona, New York, San Fran, London, and the list continues. With that said, some of my best views did not come from a 5Star Accommodation, but out in nature. That’s why I asked my peer adventure lover, Peter Gobson, to share his experience with tramping.

Enjoy How to Take Your First Tramping Adventure!

If you have plans to spend more time in the great outdoors this year, sleeping under the stars and all-around enjoying life, then it’s best not to think too hard about it. Instead, just do it. While there are plenty of people who will tell you that you need to have a million and one items to visit the outdoors, this isn’t true. Humans were spending time in the outdoors for around 100,000 years before the invention of Gore-Tex! Instead, you can journey into nature with a few supplies, and begin “tramping,” which is the art of roaming where you please and spending the night wherever looks like a good place for a bed. Below, we take a look at how to do it.

Start Small

You might be excited at the prospect of having the great outdoors as your playground, but keep in mind that it’s best to start small. Keep your trip to just a single night, or possibly two, before you begin to think about longer trips into the outdoors. It’s always possible to scale up, but if you get yourself into a tricky situation because you tried to do too much, too soon, then your tramping career might be over before it’s begun. After a few trips, you’ll have the know-how about how to safely take longer adventures.

Packing Smart

Keep in mind that you’re going to be carrying everything on your back, and, as such, you’ll want to pack smart. This doesn’t mean packing as little as possible: it means packing everything that you’ll realistically need, and then leaving the rest behind. You’ll wear fewer clothes than you think you will, so don’t bother packing a different outfit for every day. Stick to the main camping supplies, and you’ll be carrying the right things!

Prepare for the Unexpected

It’ll also be worthwhile packing a few extras in there, just in case something goes wrong. This could be something as simple as having something to cover your campsite in case of a heavy downpour, or something more advanced, such as having a pepper spray to fend off any wild animals or one of the best LED tactical flashlights. While it’ll depend on what type of terrain you’re visiting and when, it’ll be worth taking a look at some of the more common survival tools, and purchasing any that you think you might need. You can’t prepare for every eventuality, but you can be ready for the issues that many outdoor sleepers encounter during their adventuring.

Choose Your Area Carefully

Where are you going to explore on your first tramping adventure? The terrain you choose will greatly affect your experience. Are you looking for somewhere that offers a gentle ramble, or do you want there to be some climbing involved? Before you set a destination to explore, think about what you’re trying to get out of your trip.

Finally, remember to pack a sense of adventure! Free yourself from the constraints of modern life, and get ready to enjoy Mother Earth in all her glory.

**Post contributed by peer adventure lover, Peter Gobson, based on the West Coast of the USA, but always in seek of a 5Star view.**


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