Active Winter Getaways


For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere the temperatures are dropping, fall colors turning, and wardrobes changing. With the seasons changing, it is time to think about your next getaway. As I'm one that likes to get away and remain very active (I hope you do too!), I asked my peer writer, traveler, and active adventure lover, Andy Hillier, to share his two favorite options this time of year.

Take it away Andy!

When the majority of people plan a getaway in the winter, they will be driven by a desire for sun, sand, and warmth. They will generally head to a country that has a preferable climate to their hometown during the winter months and will usually plan to spend their days lounging around the pool or relaxing and recuperating on the beach. While this can be pleasant, it might not appeal to the more active amongst us. If you seek activity, adventure, and adrenaline from your getaways, here are a few different ideas that can get the ball rolling in the right direction! 

Paddle Boarding

Heading into the water can be a relatively daunting task as the winter approaches. As average temperatures drop, water temperatures can significantly drop and adverse weather can make the waters choppy and unsafe. It’s not all too surprising that surfing, diving, snorkelling, and other water-based activities tend to reduce in popularity until conditions start to pick up again. Either that or people find themselves travelling extremely far afield to carry out water-based activities in destinations with warmer climes. But if you want to take to the waters without getting particularly wet or having to travel extended distances across the world, paddle boarding could prove to be the perfect activity for you! When you paddleboard, you position yourself on a specialist board and propel yourself through the water with an oar. Make sure that water conditions are safe before entering the water and invest in a good quality wetsuit in case you do fall in - this will help to keep you as warm as possible. Take a look at some desirable winter paddle destinations and get booking well in advance!


If we’re going to make a list of active winter getaways, there’s no way it could be complete without mentioning skiing. Skiing has become an increasingly popular recreational activity and many people head away during the winter months specifically to spend their break skiing with friends and family members on snowy slopes. This can prove to be a fun break for people with no experience in skiing to individuals with professional capabilities. Just make sure to look up the complexity and ability levels offered by the resort you’re intending to visit before booking. Most resorts are accommodating and will offer options for everyone. But you want to be sure of this before investing. You don’t want to turn up to find that all of the courses are too difficult and would prove dangerous for you, or that none of the slopes challenge you. Research is key! Also ,check whether equipment is provided. This will help you to know whether you are expected to bring your own, or whether you can travel light and hire equipment once you are there!

These are just two winter getaways ideas for the more active amongst us to keep in mind! Start planning sooner rather than later to ensure that your winter getaway is as perfect as it can be!

**Post contributed by Andy Hillier, a travel writer and active adventure lover from the U.K.**

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