What’s In A Good Hotel?



Many times, I wonder about running a hospitality business whether a restaurant or a hotel. Wouldn’t it be fun? You could meet people from all around the world. You could be the tour guide for your town. You would be the star of your own kitchen. However, I know the decision to run your own hotel is much harder than that. That’s why I contacted my friend and peer travel writer, Dennis Corning, to help us out with his expertise.

What’s in a Good Hotel?

If you have ever thought about running your own hotel, you might well be curious as to what people generally agree makes up a good one. The truth is that while different people might have their own ideas, there are also a number of factors which almost everyone would agree is necessary in order for a hotel to be truly spectacular. If you are thinking of opening up your own hotel, then you will want to think about what it takes to make it successful, and looking at some of the following pointers is bound to be of some help at least. As long as you have the following in your hotel, you can be much more confident that things are going to go pretty well on the whole.

If there is anything that your hotel needs in order to be able to be suitable for all of your clientele types, it is comfort. If you lack comfort then it is unlikely that you will have the same kind of success which you might be hoping for, so this is really something that you need to think about from the very beginning. If you look at some of the best hotels like the Comfort Inn & Suites Creswell, you will notice that comfort is always a real priority, and for that reason it is a good idea to make sure that it is in your own hotel too. You can achieve a sense of comfort relatively easily, so long as you make sure that you are paying attention to detail in the hotel rooms and so on, and it will be the number one thing that keeps people coming back for more.


In hospitality, you need to always provide the best possible service you can if you want your customers to be truly happy, even if it sometimes feels that that is going to be hard to do. The best service is not dependent on the moods of the customer or the staff, or the time of day. The best service is at its very best at all times, no matter what. If you can provide that for your people, then it will mean that you are that much more likely to be able to run a hotel which they will recommend to all of their friends. Bear that in mind, and you should find that running a successful hotel is actually relatively straightforward in the end.


Finally, you want to be able to say that you have a great location in your chosen city or town, or wherever you might be, as this is the first thing that people will be looking into when they are choosing between their hotels. The location is often the hardest to get right, however especially if you are new to the game. But at the very least, you should make sure that you are reflecting on where your business is located according to the price you charge your customers. Do that, and everyone will be happy.

**Post contributed by Dennis Corning, a travel writer with a coffee habit.**


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