An Artistic Reminder from Madrid to Look Up


Heidi_Siefkas_and_Las_Meninas_Street_art_Madrid_SpainAll over Madrid, there are these statues representing a famous painting called Las Meninas by Velázquez. Although these life-sized women are a new installation, they brought me back to when I studied the painting in my classes at the Prado twenty years ago.

Special Menina with a Reminder to Look Up


This menina (maid of honor) is special. Yes, it is majestic with beautiful colors. However, it is the saying at the bottom of her dress that piqued my interest.

“La felicidad es un punto de vista.”

“Happiness is a point of view.”

It was this artistic reminder to Look Up that stopped me in my tracks. At the time, I was on a bike tour adventuring through the streets of Plaza Mayor, my old neighborhood, and the Retiro Park. I took a moment to honor the two components of the Look Up mantra: 1) Be in the Moment & 2) Find the Upside. In essence, living and breathing happiness because of your perspective.

So today on Look Up Day and every day from wherever you are…

Here’s to looking up!


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