Something Scary that Forces You to Look Up


Have you done something that scared you lately?

Juniper_tree_at_Sedona_airport_vortex_arizonaI did. Recently, I traveled to Sedona, Arizona for a girl’s trip. Years previously, I had driven through Sedona and its Red Rock region on a marathon visit from Tucson to the Grand Canyon and Phoenix with hopes of spending more time there. On this Spring Break trip, we planned to hike daily.

Our First Hike

Hikers_on_Devils_Bridge_HIke_Sedona_ArizonaOur first hike was to Devil’s Bridge. From the theme of this post, you would assume that this was the hike that scared me, but it was not. Devil’s Bridge was a very moderate hike with a small elevation gain. Its name is not good marketing. However with views like image above, maybe you want bad marketing. Regardless, if you are in the Sedona area, don’t miss this one.

My Scary Moment

Bell_Rock_Trail_Sedona_ArizonaMy scary moment was on our final hike, Bell Rock. After the first half-mile (pictured above), it was more of a free-for-all as to how to scale the red rocks to reach the next level. It certainly was not a well-maintained trail.

Although I have jumped out of airplanes and bungee jumped off bridges, I push through my fear knowing that I have something tied to me. However, ledges on hiking trails make me nervous.

All Hands on Deck

Group_Photo_Halfway_Bell_Rock_Sedona_ArizonaLooking at the overlook two-thirds up Bell Rock from a plateau, I knew that we would need to climb on a non-existent trail. Putting our cameras and iPhones in our packs, we charged forward, allowing for us to be all hands on deck. My heart raced with the increase in elevation coupled with my proximity to the ledge. Bell Rock’s ledge certainly tested me.

Was it worth it?

Heidi_Siefkas_Trumphants_Bell_Rock_Sedona_ArizonaYes, it was yet another moment that forced me to Look Up. On that ledge, I was more in the moment that any other point along our multiple-day stay in Sedona.

Look Up + Adventure is the Secret!

Bell_Rock_GPS_Shot_Sedona_ArizonaI encourage you to use Look Up daily to remind yourself to be in the moment and find the upside in any situation. However, I know that with a dose of adventure now and again you will reap the same benefits that I did on that ledge: heightened focus, increased energy, and the ability to reframe other difficult situations more quickly because of overcoming the ledge.

Have you done something that scared you lately?

If you haven’t, I challenge you to do so.

I’d love to know what your next adventure is in the comments.

Here’s to looking up!


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