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Earlier this year, I was honored to tear into I Think: How Thinking Like a Kid Can Change Your Life written by my friend, Amy Lee Ellowitz, and her youngest daughter, Delilah Jane. In I Think, Amy has artfully taken Delilah Jane’s one-liners and I Think moments from age six to ten years old and woven in scientific studies that showcase why thinking like a kid can change your life. Surely, if you have children or have had the opportunity and gift to spend time with little ones, you have noticed the keen perspective of a child.


One of Delilah Jane’s I Think moments was, “I think you should not cross the road with cars around.” In essence, Delilah Jane wants us to pay attention and be aware of our surroundings. Having read my books as well as attended several of my talks, Amy shared my powerful story and the mantra of Look Up.

In Chapter 5, Amy writes,

“Following Heidi’s worst-case scenario experience, she coined the phrase, Look Up to remind us all to pay keen attention to our surroundings. Through her harrowed journey, Heidi arrived at a profound understanding of what it means to have it all.”


So today, another Look Up Day, and every day, I share with you, Amy, Delilah Jane, and the world Look Up. This life tool reminds us all that anywhere and at any time we can:

  1. Be aware of your surroundings, appreciating the beauty as well as the hazards. In essence, be in the moment. Be more mindful.
  2. Spin each situation positively. Although many situations appear negative at first, they are opportunities, which may lead you on a needed life detour.

Through my books and talks, I consider myself a teacher without walls. I believe that my job is to inspire my readers and listeners in hopes that they take my stories and apply them to their lives, overcoming obstacles and embarking on a Life 2.0. In I Think, Amy and Delilah Jane have done just this. They have taken the inspiration of Look Up to a new level, perhaps Look Up 2.0.

They end the chapter by writing, “Delilah and I hope that you will be inspired by Heidi to take more time to look up as a way to pay attention, look down to see how far you have come, and look all around to see the fabulous opportunities that await you.”

I encourage you to go out and get a copy of I Think.

As always, here’s to looking up!

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