5 Adventures to Have in Nicaragua


Concepcion_Volcano_NicaraguaAlthough I have traveled many times to Costa Rica, I haven’t managed to adventure across the border to Nicaragua. As I like to explore a country before it gets blown out with mass-tourism, Nicaragua has been climbing to the top of my tropical bucket list and very rápido (fast). Since I want to go and learn more before I do, I enlisted for all of us Claire Martin, a peer travel writer and explorer. She will share her favorite adventure travel activities in Nicaragua y más (and more).

Adelante (Go for it) Claire! Show us your Nicaragua! 

Nestled between the tourist hotspots of Costa Rica and Honduras, a country renowned to be very dangerous, Nicaragua is a country that people do not know much about. However, there are so many reasons to visit this beautiful land; the people are incredible, the landscapes are stunning, the culture is rich, and adventures are plentiful. On top of all of that, it’s pretty safe as long as you are sensible, and it’s a lot cheaper than neighbouring Costa Rica. If you’re after an adventure holiday, Nicaragua could be your perfect choice.

Here are some of the incredible adventures that you can have in Nicaragua.

Volcano Boarding 

volcano_boarding_NicaraguaThere’s only one place in the world where you can board down an active volcano, and that’s Cerro Negro volcano, which is located near Leon. The feeling of soaring down a volcano at speeds of up to 80kmph is nothing short of exhilarating – and the fear of tumbling over the edge will definitely put your adrenalin at an all-time high!

Climb up Concepcion Volcano

Volcano_Concepcion_NicaraguaIt’s not for the faint-hearted, but hiking up Concepcion Volcano, which is located on Ometepe Island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua, is an immensely rewarding experience. The volcano is elevated to 1,610 metres and takes 9-11 hours to hike there and back. It is considered the most challenging hike in Nicaragua, but the views from the top are simply unmissable. If you don’t want such an extreme hike, other volcano hikes in Nicaragua include Telica, El Hoyo or Masaya.


Because of Nicaragua’s tropical climate, there are some great opportunities to go ziplining through the jungle canopies; where you’ll get the chance to buckle in and soar across a number of different zipline lengths, flying from tree to tree within the rainforest. It’s a great way to feel like superman for a day! Other activities offered are rappelling down a waterfall and wildlife watching. You could also try a Tarzan swing, which is a mini bungee jump – terrifying but very exhilarating! There are zip lining opportunities close to San Juan Del Sur and Leon.

Diving in the Corn Islands

Diving_Corn_Island_NicaraguaReaching the Corn Islands is an adventure in itself – but once you’re there, it’s reminiscent of an untouched paradise. Few travellers visit these Nicaraguan Caribbean islands, and because of that, the diving is not only cheap but the reef is vibrant and plentiful. There are tour operators on both Big Corn and Little Corn. If diving isn’t your thing, there is lots of snorkelling to be had on the Corn Islands as well.

Go Surfing in San Juan Del Sur

San Juan Del Sur’s location on the Pacific Ocean means that it pulls in some fantastic waves that are great for surfing. Some great surf beaches include Playa Maderas, Playa Remanso, Playa Marsella and of course, Playa San Juan Del Sur. There are options to rent a board in the town or if you’re a beginner or want some guidance, to have surfing lessons. These generally include pick up and drop off at your accommodation.

**Post contributed by Claire Martin, a British travel blogger and freelance writer. She blogs about eco-travel and overland adventures on her blog Claire’s Footsteps; she has driven around the entirety of Australia and is currently planning an overland trip through Asia.**


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