Top 5 Things To Do in Egypt

I cannot tell a lie. I’m not an Egyptian expert. I have traveled to Africa, but have yet to make it to Egypt. That’s why I called up a peer travel writer and photographer, Slavi Tudzhzarov, to give us his take on the Top 5 Things to Do in Egypt.

Let’s get ready to go to Egypt!

Take it away Slavi!

Egypt is a land of memories, mysteries, and dreams. With its 5,000 year history, this northern African country should be a must in every traveler’s bucket list. There are plenty of fascinating things to do and see there, but there are five absolute best you should do, no matter what.

Marvel the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx

Symbol of Egypt, a symbol of the ancient world, The Pyramids and The Sphinx are the first thing you should check in Egypt. Built around 2500BC, they are the oldest of the ancient seven wonders of the world, and the most recognizable by far.

Tip – book a hotel with a view to the Giza complex and enjoy the evening light show for free.

Get lost in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

The museum of Cairo is home to more than 140 000 artifacts from various ages of the Egyptian history. There you can see the mummies of some of the most famous pharaohs (like Ramses II) and lay eyes on the incredible golden mask and sarcophagus of Tutankhamun.

While disorganized and chaotic, the museum contains so much ancient history within; it would be a crime to miss it.

Prices as of 2018:

Regular- 120EGP

Mummy room regular – 150EGP

Combined (museum and mummy room) – 240EGP

Photo pass – 50EGP

Explore the Valley of the Kings in Luxor

Once the Egyptian Pharaohs realized that advertising your burial ground and afterlife treasure with a big pyramid is not a smart idea, they started digging secret tombs inside this rocky valley. And they hid them so well, for thousands of years, no one even suspected the riches buried under the mountain. Over 60 tombs of royalties, nobles, and ancient celebrities are already found, and dozens more are still undiscovered.

Thanks to the lack of air and light, these tunnels are probably the most preserved ancient sightings in the world.

Tip – Tutankhamun tomb cost extra 200EGP, and it’s tiny but includes his mummy.

Ramses III tomb is a must see.

Make a wish in Karnak temple complex

Even if you haven’t heard of the Karnak temple, the chances are you’ve probably already seen it. With its forest of massive columns, the Precinct of Amun Re (one of the four primary temple enclosures) is one of the most instagramable places in Egypt. The complex also has some ten+ meters statues, even bigger obelisks, an entry road guarded by ram sphinxes and an exit one – guarded by the regular lion ones.

Oh, I almost forgot. There is this colossal scarab you should circle seven times, counterclockwise, and the gods of Egypt will grant you one wish.

Tip – make this complex the start of your day to avoid the tourist’s crowds that swarm it later.

Dive with dolphins in the Red Sea.

Whoever named the Red Sea, probably didn’t understand colors very well. The water there has the most alluring shade of turquoise blue you can imagine. Not only that, its marine life is so diverse that it makes it one of the very best places in the world for scuba diving.

Stonefish, Stingrays, and Moray eels are the regular there, and if you are lucky enough, you may catch the attention of a curious dolphin.

If diving is not your thing, you can go on a dolphin spot cruise, and enjoy these amazing creatures from the boat.

Tip – If you like the big all in resorts, Hurghada is your place. If you prefer small towns, go check out Dahab.

**Post contributed by Salvi Tudzhzarov who travels around the world, looking for adventures and chasing that perfect photo…all that while working a full-time office job. Learn more about Salvi by visiting his blog.**


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