3 Adventures You Must Experience in Bolivia


Avaroa_BoliviaAlthough both my passport and I love exploring South America, we have yet to visit every country. I often times get sucked into one country with a longer trip and a deeper dive; thus, allowing for many friendships, but fewer countries. That’s exactly why I reached out to peer traveler and writer, Sara Dobak, who will share her Bolivia travel tips.

Qué disfruten (Enjoy) Sara’s post!

Three Adventures You Must Experience in Bolivia

Landlocked Bolivia is an exceptional destination for the active adventurer. Andean plateaus, jungle lowlands, lush wetlands, lakes, deserts and the unique Uyuni Salt Flats – it’s difficult to know where to start, but to give you some pointers, here are 3 very different Bolivian adventures you should consider.

Ride the Death Road

Death_Road_BoliviaThe statistics speak for themselves – with up to 300 deaths a year at one time, Bolivia’s notorious route connecting the heights of La Paz to the lowlands of the Yungas jungle has earned its reputation as the world’s most dangerous road.

These days, thanks to a modern road on the other side of the valley, it’s mainly just a thrilling tourist attraction, although you’ll still get the occasional kamikaze trucker overtaking you or squeezing past from the opposite direction.

There’s a glut of available excursions from La Paz but I’d suggest booking via your accommodation as you’ll most likely get the right mix of safety and value-for-money. Most visitors opt for the adrenalin rush of cycling its 56 km of winding curves and crumbling edges, but if you’re no good on two wheels you can choose to ride it out in the accompanying guide vehicles. Either way, the stunning views and steep drops make for an exhilarating couple of hours.

Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve

Avaroa_Bolivia_ImageYou don’t need to go to Mars to experience Martian-style landscapes. Just make sure that when you book your Uyuni Salt Flat excursion, you make it a 3 or 4-night trip, which will also take you deep into the stark and unreal environment of Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve.

Hardy flamingos, whooshing geysers and strange, jewel lakes, tinted by a cocktail of minerals, will leave a lasting impression and your sense of adventure will be put to the test by the cold temperatures and arid environment. But it’s jaw-droppingly beautiful, and worth every second.

Badlands of Tupiza

Badlands_BoliviaIf you think the wild west and strange rock formations are the preserve of North America only, think again. In this relatively unexplored part of southern Bolivia you’ll find a dusty frontier town, russet towering rocks, hidden gorges, parched riverbeds and a vista of jagged pinnacles to rival the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon in Utah, USA. These are the Badlands of Tupiza.

This is the land where the outlaws Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid reputedly met their end and it really is evocative of that rebellious spirit. Take a guided jeep excursion, with lunch included, to appreciate the spectacular geology, or, if you’re feeling really wild and authentic, saddle-up for an afternoon of horse-riding.

** Post contributed by Sara Dobak at Travel Continuum, a travel blog with a sprinkle of stardust**


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