Pinch Hitting Led to Becoming a Motivational Speaker in Fort Lauderdale


Early on in my career, I was not a headliner. I was close to the primo keynote motivational speaker in Fort Lauderdale. Yes, I was the right-hand woman who created the Powerpoints and rehearsed with my boss, the Fort Lauderdale inspirational speaker, double-checking his talking points.

I knew my time would come, but just like most opportunities in life it came unexpectedly and across the pond. I was based in Fort Lauderdale, but my first interview and speaking opportunity came to me in London. How?

As anyone that travels knows, there are hiccups and plane delays. I arrived in London a day earlier than my boss’ speaking engagement and event in order to finalize all the details. The morning that he was to arrive his secretary notified me via phone that he was delayed in New York City. I was to do the interview and inspirational speech on his behalf.

Like a seasoned pinch hitter, I rolled up my sleeves and hit both out of the park. All the preparation that I did for my boss was in essence for me. It was my training for headlining as an inspirational speaker in Fort Lauderdale and the world.


Press fast forward to today: I’m a keynote motivational speaker for organizations and businesses in Florida, across the country, and internationally. My topics inspire others and groups to overcome obstacles and take their game, whether in life or business, to the next level.

See me in action:
Heidi Siefkas, Fort Lauderdale Motivational Speaker

Contact to have me as your Fort Lauderdale motivational speaker.

BTW, I love to travel! So feel free to pass my info and link to your partners and connections outside of South Florida.


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