When Life Gets Blurry Adjust Your Focus – Look Up

Ever feel like every day is a blur?

There’s not enough coffee or wine to gain focus.


Whether you’re in the multi-tasking Olympics, facing a myriad of challenges, or just looking for a change or improvement, this tool is for YOU!

What is this tool?

Look Up is a simple, powerful mantra that quickly shifts your perspective quickly. By saying Look Up aloud or to yourself reminds you to:

  1. Be in the moment, appreciating the beauty around you as well as hazards. In essence, be mindful.
  2. Spin each situation positively. Every hurdle, wound, and life obstacles turn into wisdom. Find the upside in every occurrence.

Look Up is a secret tool that you can carry in your back pocket everywhere and every day. You never know when life’s obstacles and tasks will cause you to lose focus and live in a purgatory-like blur.

Taking a brief pause to shift your perspective will adjust your focus just like this picture.


The proof is in the pudding, right?

So, try it! Right now wherever you are. Close your eyes. Tilt year head towards the sky. And, say Look Up to yourself or aloud, focusing on the moment and finding the upside of your current situation. Take your time and repeat as necessary.

Look Up is easy, light, and doesn’t need batteries nor assembly. Carry Look Up with you every day for a little dose of perspective.

If you enjoyed this, check out how Look Up started as a holiday, Look Up Day, in my inspirational book, When All Balls Drop.

In fact, today is Look Up Day! Happy Look Up Day!

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Here’s to looking up!


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