Adventures to Spain, Morocco, and Portugal With New Eyes

Recently I took a long, fifteen-hour flight from South Florida to Kauai, where I will be spending most of the summer. During this grueling, multiple leg trip, I had oodles of time to go through some of my recent photos, videos, and snaps. Although I know that you have been keeping up with my adventures in Cuba, you may have forgotten that I also took a return journey across the pond.

Join me as I explore exciting ports of Spain, Morocco, and Portugal. Some stops along this adventure are new to me and the others I’m seeing with new eyes. Click the arrow below or here.

As I said, I will be in Kauai most of the summer writing my third book. However, I’d love to receive your questions and/or comments about Kauai, Spain, my books, or other below in the comments section.

Don’t be shy! I only bite occasionally! Ha Ha! Plus, this helps me beat writer’s block by responding to you.

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Here’s to looking up!


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