FIGT – Friday Is Good Therapy




The time has come. Drum roll, please...

It's Friday Is Good Therapy time!

Now, if you haven't heard of FIGT. Well, it's about time you do.


Roughly five years ago, I flipped the traditional TGIF to FIGT; thus, Friday Is Good Therapy was created.

What was I thinking?

As Friday typically marks the end of the grind for most and the start of R&R activities (a.k.a. therapy), I thought FIGT only fitting.

Sharing your therapy

As many traditional therapy sessions take place on a couch, I also know that many do NOT. AND, I always want to know what others are doing to recharge their own batteries. So, I started inviting others to share their FIGT unwinding activities. Since, many have shared their chosen therapy sessions on a beach with a margarita, in a hammock, or just a bar stool at a local dive bar from Hollywood, Florida to Trempealeau, Wisconsin. View the photos that have come from around the globe, celebrating FIGT!

FIGT Eye-candy - Ahhhhhhh....


Let your feet dangle off the dock! Happy #FIGT!


Ride some waves! Happy #FIGT!


Watch the sunset with friends! Happy #FIGT!


Relax with your pets! Happy #FIGT!


Life's a beach! Happy #FIGT in a hammock!


Enjoy the view with a glass of vino! Happy #FIGT!

Join us for FIGT!

What's your chosen therapy for this FIGT and the weekend? 

Leave me a comment, send an email, or even Snap me.

Here's to looking up! 


4 Responses

  1. Sandy Johnson
    This Friday finds me at Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo selling teeshirts for charity. Fun weekend with beer, rum runners, Bahamas Seafood and sunshine!!
    • Heidi Siefkas
      Awesome! This Friday the 13th had a Bahamas theme for me too: Freeport, sun, sand, and coconuts.
  2. Roger
    Every day is FIGT day for me. xx
  3. Fred Fredericks
    Sitting on a back yard deck with a beautiful woman slurping a wonderful drink called a weed wacker. If all goes well, we will be visited by a half a dozen hummingbirds, many finches and lovely chickidees. Heidi we are saving a seat for you some Friday. Regards, Fred

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