Are you curious? Where am I off to next?

Heidi_Siefkas_in_Havana_Vieja_CubaOne of the most common questions I get is, “Where are you off to next?

This week, I'm heading back to Cuba. Almost every two weeks, I will be taking a flight from Miami to Cuba that only takes forty-five minutes, but transports me to another era.

However, Cuba isn't the only adventure on my calendar. I’m also adventuring to Antigua May 20th-22nd where I will be a guest speaker at the Manifest the Life of your Dreams at the St. John's Resort.

This summer, I'm doing another type of adventure, by setting up a couple of months to write my third book, Cubicle to Cuba. I don't know where I will plant myself for writing this one. Perhaps I will be in Kauai like my other books or another inspirational locale.

Then this fall, I'll be turning forty.

Where will I celebrate turning the BIG 4-0? Last year, I was in Hobart, Australia.

Got any ideas for epic birthday adventure for me?

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  1. Amy Becker
    Love this!! Good luck on your new adventures!
  2. Mark Eckman
    Hi Heidi, I enjoy reading your postings. My son Andrew and I were on your tour to Cuba several years ago . It was memorable and we still talk about it. I am sure you have conducted so many Cuba tours that you no longer remember the participants: On our tour, there were two of us father/son duos. The other was a somewhat eccentric college professor from GA. and his likeable son (who was not eccentric).. Where to go for your 40th? Why not Buenos Aires? It will be spring. I recall you love dancing, and I'm sure you'll find tango partners. Best wishes! Mark Eckman, Andrew Eckman
  3. Heidi Siefkas
    Yes, I remember you, your son, and that particular tour. Buenos Aires is one of my favorite South American cities. My last visit was in 2011. I wrote about it in With New Eyes. On my trip, I did take a tango lesson. It might be time to return for some of the best pizza I've ever had and practice my tango skills. You're right I love to dance. Getting ready to do some salsa in Cuba this week.
  4. Susan Ryan
    Hi Heidi, I got my books today! Thank you! It also looks like I sold my house today, so my next new adventure is moving myself to South Carolina by June 1. In the meantime, I must find a new house and get packed up. Seems overwhelming right now, but I'm excited to begin my new journey. Have a great trip to Cuba! All the best, Susan
    • Heidi Siefkas
      Great news! What a great new adventure to be on!
  5. Roger
    The big "4-0". Man...that's getting pretty old Heidi. I think you should hit the nearest bar and "drown your sorrows". Only teasing Heidi love. lol For my big "5-0", I invited my family and friends from around the globe to a Hawaiian theme party on the beach in Mallorca, Spain. xx
    • Heidi Siefkas
      Of course there will be libations, but where? Hmmmm

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