Engaging, Fun, and Inspirational – Reader Review of With New Eyes

Now more than ever you have millions of books to choose whether traditional print and audio to digital.

Why do you pick one over the other? 

I betcha you’re just like me. You select your next read because of a friend’s tip, book club recommendation, and/or a reader review online. However, in a pinch, a great, catchy cover at the airport or on your Kindle gets me everytime.

That’s why I thank my readers and fans that have send their feedback, pictures, and reviews of both of my books. Plus, I have to give a shout out to my cover designer at Pear Creative, Yvonne Parks. You rock!

Let this Arizona reader review of With New Eyes sway your next book decision and gift idea.

With_New_Eyes_Spotted_in_Arizona“Heidi’s sequel “With New Eyes” is very different than its predecessor “When All Balls Drop” and that is what makes the duo quite perfect. From tragedy to the beginnings of healing that we experience in Heidi’s first book, to a new lease on life and transformative growth with the second book, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The style of Heidi’s writing (vignettes) makes the book easy and fun to read and I highly recommend this book for anyone that is looking for perspective on how to grow from tragedy and take life head on.” – Erin D Read full review

To get your copy of With New Eyes as well as my first book, When All Balls Drop, click here.

Don’t forget to grab a couple copies for the special someone in your life. Both books make hassle-free birthday, holiday, or just because gift without need to go to the mall.

Here’s to looking up!

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