Author Climbs Sydney Bridge to Demonstrate Why Adventure is Her Meditation

How can adventure be meditation?

Author & Adventurer, Heidi Siefkas, believes it is.

In her second book, With New Eyes, Heidi explains her unique take on meditation by defining adventure as, “something new, challenging, and perhaps frightening.” She stresses,  “in almost all cases, it’s all-consuming. Deciding to do it and then executing it despite the fear is what makes it an adventure.”

Heidi reflects on the role of adventure in her life change, “all my adventures required me to be in the moment of what I was experiencing…With that one-track focus, my senses remained heightened, allowing me to see my world with new eyes.”  In other words, that shift in perspective or clarity that is the goal of meditation can be reached through adventure.

Practicing what she preaches, watch as Heidi takes another challenge and climbs the Sydney Bridge.

Enjoy the 360-degree view of Sydney’s Harbour and the Opera House mates!

If you want to learn more and be inspired, get a copy of Heidi’s books, When All Balls Drop and With New Eyes. They make great holiday gifts as well. Ho ho ho!

Here’s to looking up!


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