Reader Review of With New Eyes – A Mission to Be Alive and Free

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A Mission to Be Alive and Free“It’s a fun read. Jumping from planes, flying a helicopter, galloping on a horse in Argentina, learning to tango in Buenos Aires…She is a woman on a mission to be alive and free. I mean would you choose to be the person in the front seat paddling through Class 4 whitewater rapids after breaking your neck the year before? So you will read about a brave women with a huge streak of determination and it might discourage you. How could I do all of that? But the book encourages all of us readers to do what we can and then some. It encourages us to show some courage, try something new. For Heidi, it’s travel and physical challenges but she acknowledges that generally all of us have dreams that take courage to make them come true. On whatever scale, she encourages us to make a life for ourselves. Read the book particularly if you are needing a little kick or just a fun, quick read. Heidi puts herself out there and whether you like her or you don’t, (I do) I believe you will be wowed by her courage and attitude.”

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