With New Eyes Spotted in Long Island at the Beach – Where are you reading it?

Last year, when I launched my first book, I asked readers to submit photos of the book from their quiet reading spots. I love seeing where readers are enjoying my books as well as how far the powerful stories go. And, boy have When All Balls Drop and its readers traveled. I couldn’t believe it when I received photos Australia, Cuba, and all across the United States. This year with the launch of my second book, With New Eyes, I’m asking readers to do the same.

Thank you Dani for these beach shots of With New Eyes and some of her favorite vignettes from Long Island, New York!

A favorite vignette of this New York reader
Enjoying a read at the beach – Long Island, New York

If you haven’t gotten a copy of With New Eyes, get yours. It’s available on all major online booksellers in print and eversions. Please submit your photos either via email or on social media with the hashtag #WithNewEyes.

Here’s to looking up!


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