Reader Review of When All Balls Drop – Gives Inspiration and Hope to All

As I’m gearing up for the launch of my second book, With New Eyes, Sept 8th, I didn’t want to lose sight of the tremendous impact that my debut book, When All Balls Drop, has made on its readers. It has touched so many like this reader.

Gives inspiration and hope to all – “This book is a must read for all people who have gone through a really rough time in their life thinking nothing can change it. This gives inspiration and hope to all by never giving up. No matter what challenges we face in our lives its how we choose to handle them. Everything happens for a reason and anything is possible. !”– Amazon reader Read full review

If you haven’t read it, you need to purchase a copy for yourself, a friend, family member, and/or co-worker, here.

If you have already read it….Help spread the powerful message of When All Balls Drop with your review just like this inspired reader did!

Please submit your reviews to AmazonGoodreads, and Barnes & Noble. It will take thousands to spread the powerful message of When All Balls Drop to the masses.

** The sequel, With New Eyes, will be released NEXT WEEK! Get a pre-release copy!**


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