Inspirational Book – A Reminder on How Quickly Life Can Change – Reader Review of When All Balls Drop

Whether you don’t have much time to read or haven’t read an entire book since high school or college, author Heidi Siefkas’ short, down-to-earth vignettes of her debut memoir When All Balls Drop, are hard to put down. Reader reviews are spreading the powerful story and message fast enough to transition it to film as well as to release a sequel book, With New Eyes. Check out this 5-star review from an inspired reader!

Inspirational Book – A Reminder on How Quickly Life Can Change 5-Stars – “A great book about a successful woman who in the blink of an eye lost everything — yet somehow kept a positive attitude through it all and is sharing her story. It certainly puts the day to day issues into perspective and how one should enjoy and appreciate life. Highly recommended!” – Sara  Read full review

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** The sequel, With New Eyes, will be released this September. Learn more and get a VIP pre-release excerpt by signing up here. Plus, When All Balls Drop is transitioning to film. Stay tuned for updates on its release.


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