Taking a Break for Summer Reading of When All Balls Drop

Thank you for sending all of the photos of When All Balls Drop. These in combination with reviews reinforce the reason why I shared my powerful story.

It's hard to fathom that since last September, When All Balls Drop has been spotted in:

NYCRussiaFort Lauderdale,

BeantownWisconsinKauaiRome, Tuscany,

with our fury friends, on the goamongst the Fall colors, Canada,Down Under, Fiji,

Cabo San Lucas, New England in the snowMauiCubaPanama, Santa Monica,

Puerto VallartaDestin, Boca Raton, Seattle, Oahu, Big Island of Hawaii,

Lake of the Ozarks, and now taking a break on the farm for some summer reading.

**Where are you reading When All Balls Drop?**

Please send your pictures of where you are reading When All Balls Drop, I’d like to see how far the message travels and the hearts and minds it touches.

Here's to looking up!

p.s. If you don't have a copy of it, get it before the movie comes out!

p.s.s. The sequel book, With New Eyes, is coming out September 2015. Get a VIP excerpt pre-release by signing up here!

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