Reader Review of When All Balls Drop – Personal, Engaging, Humorous, and Insightful

Another great reader review of When All Balls Drop, the debut title from Heidi Siefkas. This one comes from a reader on the island of O’ahu. Mahalo Keala!

Personal, Engaging, Humorous, and Insightful- “Thank you for sharing such an intimate and personal aspect of your life. For all us active people, the most horrific thing we can think of happening to us, much worse than death, is the possibility of becoming a vegetable for the rest of our life. I cannot even fathom the physical aspect of surviving and healing from the injury, much less everything else that has happened in conjunction with that. You are so strong and amazing and such an inspiration to everybody. I thoroughly enjoyed this read. It was personal, fun, and very engaging. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone.” – Keala  Read full review

If you have already read it….What is your review of When All Balls Drop?

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** The sequel, With New Eyes, will be released this September. Learn more and get a pre-release excerpt by signing up here.


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