What Are Readers Saying About When All Balls Drop – A Wonderful, Inspirational Read

When All Balls Drop is touching the hearts and minds of readers from Louisiana to Lihue. Read what this reader has to say about When All Balls Drop.

A Wonderful, Inspirational Read – “As if experiencing an emotionally traumatic event like having your heart broken weren’t enough, the author endured severe physical trauma as well- and simultaneously at that. She tells of her experience in a way that empowers the reader by demonstrating that life’s hurdles, no matter how big, can be overcome. Even without having experienced similar events, the book is written in a way that makes the author’s story easy for the reader to relate. I highly recommend reading this book to anyone who enjoys inspiration, humor, and wisdom.” – Megan Read full review

Purchase a copy for yourself, a friend, family member, and/or co-worker, here. Remember the film version is just around the corner. You want to read it before the movie comes out.

If you have already read it….What is your review of When All Balls Drop?

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