With New Eyes Cover Unveiled

Last year I unveiled my debut memoir’s cover in April after nearly a month and various rounds of feedback from my clan. It was such a relief to have that very important element completed even if When All Balls Drop wasn’t scheduled to be out for another five months.

Now, in editing, polishing, and releasing my sequel, With New Eyes, I used the same technique, expanding my reach by throwing a wider net into writing groups online, offline, and around the world. From my post in March, I got incredible feedback. And, like any good author and artist, I took some and left the rest.

I’m proud to say that with this post, I’m unveiling the cover of With New Eyes: The Power of Perspective (due out Sept 2015)


As this book picks up where When All Balls Drop left off, I wanted the connection to the original fall colors and leaves. However, I also wanted to have a personal touch, which is done by the picture. After seeing various professional model shots, they all felt too staged, fake, and “perfect.” I bit the bullet and posed myself. Yes, those are my eyes. There wasn’t a better way to share in the cover the take-away of my true story, which is the power of perspective and #LookUp.

Like last time, it will still be months before the book is officially released to the world. However, I will be doing a pre-release excerpt for those that sign up for my With New Eyes list. Additionally, I will be hosting pre-release parties in Trempealeau, Wisconsin where the story continues as well as in South Florida in late July. See my events schedule to get your hands on a signed copy before September or contact me.

If you haven’t yet read When All Balls Drop, get a copy.

Read it, review it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, and share it with your friends.

Be the one who was in the know before the film version comes out.

Here’s to looking up!


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