What Readers Are Saying About When All Balls Drop – Remarkable Story

When All Balls Drop and its powerful and relatable story have touched so many readers worldwide. Read what this reader has to say about When All Balls Drop.

Remarkable story, easy, enjoyable read - "I will say I have spent many years as a non-reader. This book opened my eyes to begin reading again. I was lucky enough to attend a book reading with Heidi in a small group setting which was very personal. I was taken in immediately by the story. I picked up 3 signed copies for my girlfriends that were not able to make the event. The style of the book with short and catchy chapters, the story of triumph over catastrophe, determination through pain, captured me. All of these things inspire people to keep putting one foot in front of the other. The story makes you want to always look for the bright side of things and chase your dreams, at the same time acknowledging the reality of frustration, pain and resentment of circumstance. I have since read 4-5 books since "looking up" and it has opened my eyes to the possibilities of finding my purpose." - Leslie Read full review

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