What Readers Are Staying About When All Balls Drop – Insightful, Witty, Honest, Inspiring

When All Balls Drop and its powerful message has touched readers, far and wide, with reviews from readers in California, Europe, Cuba, Massachusetts, Florida, Kansas, and more. Read what this reader in Wisconsin has to say about When All Balls Drop.

Insightful, witty, honest, inspiring – “When you think things can’t get any worse sometimes they do but do not give up! Heidi is a living illustration of what positive attitude, strong will, hard work, and a sense of humor accomplishes facilitating healing from tragedy and disappointment. Insightful, witty, honest, inspiring, and real Heidi’s story of this part of her life made me want to read the next installment. Look up and look ahead!” – DE Allen Read full review

Purchase a copy for yourself, a friend, family member, and/or co-worker, here. Remember the film version is just around the corner. You want to read it before the movie comes out.

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