Author Heidi Siefkas at TEDx Honolulu – Paradigm Shift and Look Up


Ideas worth spreading are also worth traveling for…

Late last month, I traveled from my home of Kauai over to Oahu for TEDx Honolulu’s Paradigm Shift. I was delighted to share my powerful story of survival and life change with other thought leaders, innovators, and artists as well as listen to other amazing initiatives that are shifting the paradigm.

Although all the speakers led me down a path of shifting my perspective in regards to my impact on the globe, my community, and others, I want to give a special shout out to the kickoff speaker of the event, Hayden Atkins and his “Bicycle Power Revolution.”

Author Heidi Siefkas at TEDx Honolulu Paradigm Shift, March 2015

TEDx Honolulu’s team and Hayden introduced on stage a bicycle and generator that would power the actual event (see my bike riding generating power in the collage). All attendees were asked to participate to keep the event going. I rode both inside the show as well as outside. It was a fun way to shift our paradigm of energy use and production.

Just as I witnessed a change in my thoughts after TEDx Honolulu, I’m witnessing this same shift in mindset with the take-away of my inspirational memoir, When All Balls Drop. Readers are connecting with the lesson behind these two wise words Look Up, which stems from the power of perspective. Through their reviews of the book they, too, are creating their own paradigm shifts just by allowing perspective to work its magic.

What paradigm shift are you looking for in your world, community, or home?

Could these two wise words, Look Up, help you change your perspective?

Ho’omaika’i ‘Ana (Congratulations) on your event TEDx Honolulu.

Mahalo (Thank you) for a truly aloha spin on TEDx.

To see photos, tweets, and more, check out #TEDxHNL.


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