April Fools When All Balls Drop Spotted on the John

I know what you are thinking.



When All Balls Drop was spotted on the John?

It’s true. To add humor to the portfolio of pictures sent by readers from:

NYCRussiaFort LauderdaleBeantownWisconsin,

KauaiRome, Tuscanywith our fury friends, on the go,

amongst the Fall colors, Canada,Down Under, Fiji,

Cabo San Lucas, New England in the snowMauiCuba,

Panama, Santa Monica, Puerto Vallarta, and Destin.

We NOW have a reader’s picture of When All Balls Drop on the thrown, can, shitter, crapper, head, or whatever you call it.

Thank you John and Stacy for sending this picture! 


I can’t believe that I have a picture of John reading When All Balls Drop on a John. I absolutely love the humor in it! In fact, I talk quite a bit about the John in the book. Check out the vignette, Where’s Even an Ounce of Independence (pg 16) where I learned that #2 is the key to your freedom from the hospital.

Do you have a funny picture of where you are reading When All Balls Drop? 

Please send your pictures funny or not of where you are reading When All Balls Drop. I’d like to see how far the message travels and the hearts and minds it touches.

Happy April Fools’ Day!

Here’s to looking up!

p.s. If you don’t have a copy of it, get it before the movie comes out. You can read it wherever you like, even in the John!


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