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Life Lessons 101 – “How she reacts to “losing everything” is what the book is all about. Heidi is not a superwoman who easily triumphs over her difficulties, and that is one of the book’s strengths. She is like someone you know–or maybe you yourself: a person with self-doubts, someone who questions what she thinks she knew about people close to her and about life itself. She asks herself the hard questions that most of us ignore out of fear of what the answers would demand of us. What she does after getting those answers–well, you’ll have to read the book to find out. But it’s there in the title: losing everything can in fact have an “upside.” With every loss there is something gained as well, but not in the insipid “look-on-the-bright-side” sense; these gains are hard-won through strenuous mental and physical effort, demanding total honesty of oneself–real gains that come out of how we handle life’s crises. That is something to think about, and hold on to, when our life suddenly takes a turn for the worse. Heidi has shown us in this book how one can lose everything but get a more rewarding life in return.” – William Read full review

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