What Readers Are Staying About When All Balls Drop – How to Overcome the Worst

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Here’s what one reader from South Florida thinks about it:

How to Overcome the Worst – “Heidi’s tale is one of real inspiration – it tells a story of how to overcome the odds when it seems like all of the cards are stacked against you. Her real, unfiltered approach to her storytelling makes you feel like you are a friend listening to her tell her story.

Written in short vignettes, this is a quick read and one that will teach you at least one, if not many life lessons. While we may never be able to have it “all,” this is a great book that brings the perspective that when life may deal you a bad hand, its up to you to be strong in the face of adversity and turn it around. The key to happiness very often lies in our own tenacity and willingness to make the most out of a seemingly bad situation.” – D.N. Read full review

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