What Readers Are Saying About When All Balls Drop – Inspiring and Relatable

Are you or someone you know at a crossroads?
Could you or that someone use a dose of inspiration?

Read this review of When All Balls Drop, an inspirational memoir written by Heidi Siefkas.

"When I began reading, I couldn't put it down until I had finished it. Heidi Siefkas tells a devastating story of loss and betrayal, yet manages to inject the warmth and humor of her personality as she recalls her journey of recovery.

Readers will find Heidi's story engagingly told and easy to read. She's an ordinary person who was put in an extraordinary situation which was a huge test of character and strength. More importantly, this book is inspiring and relatable, particularly if you're facing or have faced a similar challenge to the ones which Heidi has overcome." - Betsy Read full review

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