Just Read Review – What Is Your Destiny?

Last summer, I reached out to author, speaker, and life coach, Wendi Blum as I returned to South Florida. We had been in similar circles in Broward and Palm Beach Counties, but never had met in person. With distinct stories, yet very like mindsets when it comes to life change and the power of thought, she has also written a book about life change to inspire others. During our meeting at her home, I was fortunate to receive a signed a copy of her book What is Your Destiny. In reading it, I came across many connections to my story and book, When All Balls Drop, which had yet to be published.

Although I read What Is Your Destiny over the summer, I wanted to add this to my Just Read Review as a recap of 2014.

What is your destiny? Have you reached your greatest and highest purpose? In What Is Your Destiny, Wendi Blum shares her story and transformation from her dark side, a bad long-term relationship and thoughts of suicide, to a life of happiness. How she got to that place is the same way that I arrived at my life, by a conscious decision to change and guiding that change.

In What Is Your Destiny, Wendi references her own trials, but focuses the book on affirmations in the form of destiny statements that you too can implement to cause positive life change towards health, happiness, and success. She organized her book into these easy-to-read, destiny statement chapters so that you too can create your destiny, calling, and purpose. There are only fourteen destiny statements in Wendi’s secret destiny mix: Miracles, Peace, Grateful, Body, Timeless, Strong, Green, Giving, Rich Life, Release, Confident, Believe, Learn, and Visualize. Let me share those that particularly struck a chord with me, my journey, and why.

  • Body – After coming close to losing my life from a tragic accident, I’m grateful for the second chance that I have received. A healthy body is the foundation of us ALL.
  • Strong – By being courageous and strong through tremendous loss: health, marriage, and career, I triumphed. I had the opportunity to redesign my own life and create my destiny.
  • Rich Life – Through my life change, I defined my new rich life not through monetary riches, but with a combination of freedom and alignment with my priorities and passions.
  • Confident – I set a Matterhorn of resolutions that New Year’s Eve (’09-’10). I wanted it all, but it was a different all than a year before. I set a big hairy audacious goal. It was to be healthy, with a loving, supportive clan, and living my dreams, incorporating writing and travel. That’s where When All Balls Drop comes in.

    Wendi Blum and Heidi Siefkas in Kauai

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit with Wendi in Kauai. During her visit to the inspirational Garden Isle, she graciously invited me to speak at her Create Your Best Life 2015 conference in Boca Raton January 9-11, 2015. So, I will be packing my bags after the New Year and returning to my old stomping ground of South Florida. At her event, I will be sharing my powerful story, When All Balls Dropand my passion for adventure.

To connect with Wendi and get a copy of What Is Your Destiny, click here. To learn more about the Create Your Best Life 2015, click here.

I will continue to write Just Read Review posts as well as showcase readers’ reviews of When All Balls Drop, news, and updates on the sequel. Please feel free to comment with other books you enjoyed and connections to my memoir.

Here’s to looking up!


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